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Michelle Micalizzi
Micalizzi Studio
  mixed media

   5902 E. Tally Ho Drive
    Cave Creek, AZ 85331
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Contact Info:
   Phone: 480-526-2609
   Email: michelle@fearlesslydeliver.com
   Web: fearlesslydeliver.com/fearlessart
Artist Statement


I make art because it frees my mind and liberates my soul. I make it because I have always made it. I have to make it. I am inspired to contemplate, communicate and resolve concepts that make me go hmmm or that inspire me personally and professionally. I am driven to share what I find there. I cannot ignore the story of life unfolding around me all the time.

I am a Visual Journalist that creatively combines words and images to convey a concept, thought, social concern or life story. My multi-media illustrations are short hand for a biographical snap shot of my subject's real life. My work can use a combination of acrylic, oil stick and pastels, collage & assemblage, found objects, water color, guache, graphite, colored pencil, traditional and paint markers or photography. Each illustration is a mini-emotional documentary laced with facts that are arrived at from active listening and deep interest in my subjects. Each piece is a one of a kind visual essay because; there are no duplicate life stories. No snap shot of any life is the same. Our moments and lessons as people are as original as a snowflake.

As an artist and a business consultant, entrepreneurs are my primary muse and inspiration. However, all genuine deeply human experience interests me. Relentless fearless entrepreneurial spirits have fascinated me since I was a little girl sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of my Father and Godfather/Uncle intently listening to them dream big sitting hip to hip on the sofa about the many businesses they both owned and operated.

It took me many years to figure out that my love of art and my love of business were actually one in the same! What may be a little unique about what I do is that I am fully connected with the fact that Business is Art and Art is Business. I always start with the end in mind. One of those ends is to connect with people and to be a connector of people. My Art is not created solely in isolation, it is a collaborative experience.

Historically the artists that initially inspired me the most are Robert Rauschenberg for his "combines" that spoke to the moment, Frida Kahlo for her fearless raw emotional biographical content, Jean-Michel Basquiat for his dark thick lines and willingness to think/feel/scream out loud on canvas, and Louise Nevelson for her sheer audacity. Followed closely by Jasper Johns for his social context and use of stencils and color, Joseph Cornell for his use of the box format and collage, and Max Ernst in particular for his "Two Children are Threatened by a Nightingale." A piece that I used to visit like an old friend as often as I could at MoMA . I have also been strongly influenced by the Bread & Puppet Theater, specifically their "Cheap Art Manifesto."

I grew up on Vermont in a family business. After graduating with my BA in Fine Art from SUNY Albany, I spent 10 years in and around Manhattan studying art in all the major museums and worked in the Fashion Industry as a graphic designer. I have had the unique opportunity in the fitness industry to get to know many very successful and creative people as their personal trainer for over 30 years. I should share that I had the wonderful experience of living in a small community Artist Colony in Stone Ridge, New York while I took MFA courses at SUNY New Paltz. When I returned to Vermont from NYC, I realized much to my surprise, that I had actually been in business my whole life and that "business" was not a dirty word. I came to understand and embrace that business is another artistic medium to me and not innately evil. I have created several business of my own as a result of that understanding and made my left-brain accountable by receiving my Masters in Administration from St Michael's College.

I am proud to live and work in Cave Creek, Arizona with my husband Michael Neal and our 2 Cornish Rex Cats (Mijo & Mija) and our 2 Catahoula Leopard Mix puppies (Manchas & Moca).
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2016 May The Art of Fearlessly Doing Business, The Walter Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

2015 The Art of Fearlessly Doing Business, {9} the Gallery, Phoenix AZ


2016 The Gallery at the El Pedregal, Care Free, AZ

1989 The State University of NY at Albany, Albany, NY


1989 State University of NY at Albany, BA in Fine Art, Albany, NY

1998 Pratt Manhattan, Certification in Computer Design, New York, NY

1996 State University of NY at New Paltz, MFA Course Work, New Platz, NY

2006 St Michael's College, MSA Masters Degree in Administration, Colchester, VT

2011 Series 7 & 66 Security Licenses

2013 Yoga Alliance, Certified Yoga Teacher (200hrs)

1994-2014 National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer


1989 Gallery Internship, Albany, NY

For further information about Michelle's professional background check out her LinkedIn Page.


2003 & 04 VT Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Worksite Wellness Gold Rising Star Award

2009 Nominated for the Chittenden County United Way "Home Town Hero" Award

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