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Dennis Kleidon
Dennis Kleidon

Dennis Kleidon, artist-designer

Chicago-born artist Dennis Kleidon paints robust abstractions that explore the possibilities of paint in action, reveling in color in ways that appear at first to be intuitive, but soon reveal a sure sense of gesture � at once invigorating and calming.
Through decades of sailboat racing, Kleidon is influenced by the turbulence of water, the violence of the wind and the complexity of nature�s details, his paintings pair bold strokes with complex detail, where the paint smashes against itself to create a �whitewater� of color. Dissonant, yet composed, the paintings display nuances that stretch the imagination and stoke the dreams of the viewer.
Throughout a hugely successful career as a university professor and as the founder and owner of Kleidon & Associates, a marketing communications firm, Kleidon continued working as a fine artist, drawing on a surprisingly diverse background as a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, architectural illustrator and classically trained pianist.
His fine art stretches across a similarly wide range of media from massive welded steel sculptures and photography to large figurative paintings, tightly controlled graphic paintings on film, and abstract paintings on canvas and paper.
Complex grids, shades and shadows, and perspective (in both the technical and philosophical senses) lie behind many of Kleidon�s works, giving them visual depth and multiple levels of information.
His recent work captures the live motion of the artist�s hand, layering spontaneity with control, and in that way, inspiring the viewer to see a fresh reality. In paintings that explore illusions of scale, perspective and color, these �explosions of grace and power� create an unexpected visual wellness.
Kleidon received a master�s degree in art in 1967 from Illinois State University, a bachelor�s degree in fine art from Illinois Wesleyan, studied architecture at the University of Illinois and taught at the University of Illinois and the University of Akron where he developed Designer Grids, a perspective drawing system for architects and designers. He is the founder of Kleidon and Associates ( Kleidon now divides his time between his studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and Akron, Ohio.
Since 1964, Kleidon has exhibited his artwork in solo and joint shows in galleries, museums and juried exhibitions. The design work of Kleidon & Associates has aided its clients in the United States, Canada and Europe. His Designer Grids have been used by professional illustrators and designers around the world. His work can be seen at