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Shelly Taylor

Shelly is a jewelry artist, specializing in beaded kumihimo and other forms of bead-woven jewelry.

She was born and raised in New York City, holds a BA in English Literature from City College of New York, and attended graduate school at NYU. A career opportunity took her to Los Angeles, where she lived for twenty years before relocating to Scottsdale in 1994.

Shelly has always had a passion for unique jewelry design. In 2014, when she retired from a thirty year career in corporate Human Resources, she redirected that passion from collecting to creating. Through classroom and independent study, she gained exposure to various jewelry-making techniques. Shelly became fascinated with bead weaving, as well as the art of beaded kumihimo, a contemporary adaptation of the ancient Japanese art of braiding with fibers. Shelly now specializes in bead woven and beaded kumihimo jewelry, incorporating gemstones, crystals, glass, and metal into her work.