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Charlene Schuldt

As long as I can remember I have longed to portray the beauty that I see into a form that could be seen by others? into a form that would last forever. My life has always been a canvas whose scene is never complete. I've had a desire to draw, paint and study art since I was a child.

In the early 60's I began various art studies including drawing, oils, acrylic and pastels. While living in California and surfing with my husband I saw and felt the beauty, the absolute mystery of the ocean; I had to share it with others.

We made a move to Alaska in ?69 ?what a difference! I was in awe of the majestic mountains, the chill and isolation of winter, the serenity and peacefulness of the great outdoors; I had to capture that beauty and share it with others. I spent years studying not only oil, acrylic and water color but commercial art and design, color theory, pastels, print making, advertising art, interior design and textiles. Still my canvas was not complete. I had the privilege to study under many renowned artists such as George Rodgers and several specializing in European art mediums. I would travel for months at a time learning from those who inspired me, such as internationally renowned Ilona Rittler of the School of Fine Arts in WA. I began my own business, Alaska Design Studio, in order to share my art with others.

In 1990 our next adventure began with a move to Washington State. I opened an antique store, Front Street Antiques and was able to expand my resume to include not only faux painting but furniture, lamp, art and jewelry restoration. I began to work with glass fusing, metals and beading while specializing in wall art, jewelry, and other mixed mediums. I continue to explore various mixtures and combinations of metals and glass and have been able to develop many exciting new design concepts.

Again, beauty? not the ocean or the mountains but the desert captured my heart as we relocated to Arizona a little over four years ago. With Arizona?s vivid sunsets, mountains, rock formations and vastly changing desert I have found another extraordinary pallet to explore and share.

I have visited many art galleries and venues since arriving in Cave Creek and am impressed with the Sonoran Art League?s diversity and talent. There seems to be such life and excitement within this group of artists as they share their love for art and their vast array of mediums with others.

With a heart full of excitement I look forward to sharing the beauty that I see here in Arizona with others, in a form that will last forever.