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Joan Nelson

Joan Tandet Nelson was born in Chicago, and although she is now a permanent Scottsdale resident, her heart still lies in the Windy City. Growing up in Skokie IL, she was close enough to the heart of Chicago to be able to take part in all the things that city had to offer, spending time at the magnificent Art Institute, as well as sunny days with the Cubs in the bleachers of Wrigley Field. Soon after receiving a degree in Special Education at Southern Illinois University, Joan married and was lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mom to her three kids for 15 years. This is when she first had the opportunity to explore her creative side through quilting, starting out with traditional patterns, until she discovered more contemporary and, to her eye, artistic quilts. After moving to California with her family, she went back to teaching Special Ed, getting her Masters Degree and working in the classroom with students. Quilting took a hiatus during these busy years. Arriving in Scottsdale in 2002, Joan continued teaching with little time for exploring her creative interests. Upon retirement she once again had the time to pursue her passion with fabric. She continues to view education, now in techniques to work with and create fabric, as essential to the growth and refinement of her artistic style.