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Pat O'Brien, Artist
Pat O'Brien

Cincinnati is a great art training ground, ranging from the classics of Frank Duveneck to the most contemporary artists, such as Jim Dine. These influences abound in the different cultural and educations resources available to any artist in this area. They had a large affect on the development of my style, both present and in the past.

My decision to be an artist stems from by earliest years. Even in elementary school I knew I would pursue art as an adult. I received my FBA from the University of Cincinnati, DAAP program, majoring in painting and then received by MA from Miami University, Oxford, OH.

Besides receiving a formal education in art, I�ve traveled extensively, throughout Europe and the US, where I studied and reviewed the styles and techniques of the masters. These cultural experiences have influenced my style.

Recently, I have been exploring new styles and techniques in oil painting. This has been a very challenging yet rewarding experience and has expended my artistic capabilities. Since I am new to the southwest section of the country, I have been researching the different subjects and landscapes of this region. It has given me a new perspective and motivated me in ways I haven�t experienced in years. The introduction of different colors, textures and content is a source of great stimulation. The beauty is awe inspiring, from the rugged mountainous terrain, the breath taking sunsets and the beautiful color canyons; the southwest has much to offer.

Until recently, I have been involved in painting intimate scenes of porches and courtyards. Capturing close-up images of doors and windows, which exposes a more personal view to the scene, and leads oneself to ask questions about what lay begin them�.Who lives there? What exists on the other side? Are we to become players in the scenario or are we to remain only observers?

But now, I have been exploring new questions and different subjects. I have always love horses. I now get to experience these beautiful creatures up close and personal. I had the opportunity of going to local rodeos and visiting friend�s ranches. I have been spending time photographing, drawing and experiencing their habitat. I want to capture and communicate the personality of the horse, and not just their physical beauty. My thoughts were to have the viewer see each horse as an individual creature, whether it projects annoyance, caution, welcome or boredom. Hopefully, one would feel or gather insight of how the horse observes us, not the reverse.

As I go about exploring different areas, I have also observed abandoned cars along the way. It is like looking into a time capsule, seeing the old styles and colors of the cars and trucks and how they were designed. The history and the stories they could tell. It has been really fun exploring and creating compositions that define their personality. I get to mix up the subjects, while still depicting elements of the west and how it is portrayed in different ways.

I am also working with manipulating the colors in my compositions. I have skewed colors, pushed the contrast levels and introduced the vibrancy of color in my palette. I am trying to create an image using different colors, staging and textures. I am exploring compositional spacing, perspective of the subjects, relationships between some of the subjects and different settings. It has been an exciting and challenging journey for a mid-westerner.

I have received many awards in my career as a professional artist and have had a number of pieces purchased from my collection. Miller Brewery Co, Ohio Bar Assoc. and Duck Energy are just a few of the companies that have purchased paintings for their collections.

I am very excited about the work I have been creating recently and hope you enjoy them as well.