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My studio is in Phoenix, Arizona and it anchors our residence, serving as a laboratory for energetic experimentation with a countless variety of mediums and layering combinations.
I was born in Louisiana and moved often in early childhood because my father worked with oil wells and was never in one place for long. We finally settled in Phoenix Arizona in the early 60’s where playing in the desert hills was part of my everyday life. I remember fun trips to the mountains and occasionally the seashore and always exploring the desert.
During my grade school years, I had a pencil and sketchbook in my hands, which was encouraged by my parents, both of whom enjoyed painting as a hobby. I took art classes while still living at home and later got a degree in Fine Arts at Northern Arizona University. Over the years, I attended many workshops and painting classes and studied Interior Design at Phoenix College. Early in my career, I worked as a free-lance graphic designer, and then transitioned into mural art, faux finishing, and trompe l’oeil while balancing the demands of my growing family. Finally, as my children entered adulthood, I made a commitment to studio work and teaching, with my canvases being purchased by both commercial and private clients.
My Inspiration is found in simply everything. We are surrounded by living things that I am compelled to record in my own, unique fashion. Plants in particular have always been a focus of my work and wherever I am, I know where the closest botanical garden is!
My technique and style has developed over time, but has always included abundant color. Many artists have influenced my work and experimenting with some of their concept has led me to my own unique style. Joining art guilds have been part of my career and been a great help along my journey of discovering my art.
My work is marked by an unusual use of seamless integration – melding colors, textures, finishes, and objects to create both familiar and unfamiliar special effects.
Many arts and crafts projects have found their way into my studio and I find that all of them can teach me something that carries into my painting. Cooking is another passion I have and passed that love to some of my children as well.
I try to express my wonder of the natural world. I am creating a colorful, whimsical and sometimes thoughtful space to enjoy in today’s tumultuous world.