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Aime Avniel
Phone: 480-998-8156

Dr. Aime Avniel, Born in Paris, France and presently residing in Scottsdale is a retired Executive/Scientist using his technical background to indulge in non-traditional woodturning as a hobby and lately, in egg's shells carving. His European and Francophile background is expressed in wood replications of Greco-Roman antique art forms such as Griffin Urns and Greek Orthodox Church tradition of egg's shells painting. His mostly used open segment technique requires great patience in addition to being very time consuming. The results are structural differences in texture from standard closed vessels representing the traditional wood turning of a one piece closed vase. Some smaller pedestal vessels with finials are influenced by the Venetian and Florentine style. Egg's shell carving is a free hand operation using a 400,000 RPM. Very fine diamond and carbide burrs similar to dental applications are used to achieve carving designs in a very delicate egg shell.
Materials used are mostly exotic hard woods imported from Africa and South America. The techniques used for the Open Segment style require special homemade fixtures in order to achieve the required precision in the alignments of hundreds of small segments. All pieces are unique and handmade.
Some are replications and stylization of actual antiques.