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Donna Vargas

Donna Vargas

Donna developed a love for gourd art over forty years ago. She purchased a raw gourd at a craft store and after much time spent cleaning and preparing the gourd, she sketched a design and voila her first gourd creation was born. She actually joined the American Gourd Society at that time. However, her interest in gourds had to take a back seat to raising her five children and her full time career of over forty years as a registered nurse.

It was not until she retired to Southern Arizona in 2002 that she was finally able to devote a majority of her time to gourd art. She considers herself a relative newcomer to gourd art, but has rekindled what has become a passion for this art form. After creating just a few pieces, she was encouraged by her friends and family who now own some of her works which are displayed proudly in their homes. She uses various mediums including coiling, teneriffe, wood burning, acrylic paints and various forms of carving.

Donna is also eager to experiment with various other mediums in her creations. Her pieces are heavily influenced by Southwestern designs as she grew up in the Southwest and has always maintained a fondness for Southwestern motif. Donna has been inspired by nationally renowned gourd artists and authors Bonnie Gibson of Tucson, Arizona and Robert Rivera of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Donna has received training from both Bonnie and Robert on various mediums as they relate to gourd art. Donna is a member of the American Gourd Society; Arizona Gourd Society; Sonoran Arts League; Southern Arizona Arts Guild and Tucson’s Old Pueblo Gourd Patch. Her work can be seen at the Southern Arizona Arts Guild (SAAG) Gallery located at the La Encantada Mall in Tucson, AZ.