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Cher Anderson is a wildlife artist and photographer with a passion for nature, texture, and color.
Cher was born in New York, raised in Mexico City and has resided in Arizona since 1990. A professional graphic designer by trade for 25 years is now enjoying travelling around the world photographing wildlife and collecting unique components to design her new line of jewelry.
Cher begun her journey as a fine artist in 1980 and her art has evolved into extreme photo-realistic images that entail the finest detailed brushwork. Hundreds of hours are needed to accomplish the finished representations that she paints today.
A painting begins with a subject, which she photographs in its element by going to habitats throughout the world. Once back in her studio, she determines the best image to work from taking into consideration lighting, background and the general feeling the image conveys. Once a detailed sketch is produced the work begins that sometimes takes months to finalize. Always trying to learn new techniques and methods, she studies the masters and applies bits and pieces of knowledge to make sure every new painting is better and more precise than the one before. Mainly working in watercolors, gouache and acrylics she brings her subjects to life and all the while remembers the moment when she looked into the animal�s eyes and met him for the first time trying to portray the story of the occasion.
During the past 20 years, Cher has experienced first hand the beauty of nature in all ecosystems throughout the world. Passionate about animals and intrigued by their behavior she describes it to be the equivalent of a surge of adrenaline felt by a thrill seeker. Getting that one photograph that is absolutely perfect is the most rewarding of all. During the last couple of decades, Cher has not only developed her artistic technique and ability but her sense of composition and knowledge of lighting which has lead to taking amazing photographs. While traveling, she may be in a helicopter shooting unbelievable scenery in Hawaii or on a platform photographing hungry grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Alaska, in the end she has collected tens of thousands of images that will be brought together for a very unique exhibition. Output in large format glossy, vibrant images will line the beautiful �Venue� in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Taking her photography in yet another direction, she has created a series of fine art images in her studio, which embody the beauty of the female figure. Each image has a theme and the composition is created with perfect lighting, props, and imagination. Almost as if painting on a canvas, these images come to life with the help of an exceptional make-up stylist and lighting professional to have the final image as unique as a painting.
Approximately 8 years ago, Cher began experimenting with texture, color and shapes in three-dimensional form. Utilizing the beauty of natural elements such as semi-precious stones, shells, rocks, wood, fossils, bone, meteorite, minerals, pearls, and other components such as Swarovski� crystals, and beads from around the world, she creates a unique design for necklaces of which she only produces one.

During her travels she will seek out local artisans, glassmakers, and other talented individuals to purchase the highest quality pendants, which represent the best of it�s the city has to offer in handcrafted art. Once she returns to her studio she will use each piece as the center to her design keeping in mind the theme �Mother Nature� and proceeds to produce a necklace that will be unique.

Each one is built with .925 sterling silver and each component, sometimes over 50 different ones, are designed into a symphony of color, sparkle, and composition.
Her necklaces have sold to collectors all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico and as far as Australia, China and Malaysia.

Presently, Cher lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband John and their menagerie of animals. On their beautiful ranch they raise giraffes, zebras, and Andalusian horses.
They have traveled extensively, visiting Alaska, India, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Nepal, Turkey, Greece and many other beautiful and exotic places that have inspired her and filled her heart.
With her camera in-hand, she seeks out all nature and wildlife to photograph and challenge her into new creations. Throughout time, Cher has joined Wildlife Preservation organizations and is taking every opportunity to observe nature in its magnificence.