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Natalie Adler
Natalie Adler

Natalie was born in Buffalo, NY. At the age of five, her family moved to Los Angeles, CA.  At 18, she traveled east to Milwaukee, WI where she completed her Bachelor’s degree at Marquette University. She then traveled further east to attend Albany Medical College, where she received her Medical Degree. After completing a residency in Internal Medicine, she worked in a private practice and then in the Saratoga Hospital Emergency Room in upstate New York.  An illness forced her to unexpectedly retire from Medicine in November of 2000. When that door closed, another door opened.
At the age of 47, Natalie was introduced to oil painting when her daughter took an art class taught by Audrey Romano in the summer of 2007. While watching from a distance, she became fascinated by the technique. When her daughter returned to school, Natalie took her spot in that class.  She recalls how excited she was when she finished her first painting because she was told in the eighth grade that, unlike her sisters, she had no artistic talent. Since then, she has completed approximately 50 landscapes and flower paintings. She has shown her work in the Saratoga Medical Arts building, Saratoga Springs, NY; The Glen Eddy in Glenmont, New York; The Saratoga Springs City Center during the annual meetings of the Medical Society of the State of New York; Saratoga Gynecology Associates Office; The Adirondack Urgent Care Center in Queensbury, NY; and most recently at The Gallery at el Pedregal in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Her work is displayed in private homes and businesses from coast to coast.
She draws inspiration for her paintings from her home on Saratoga Lake, frequent trips to Vermont, and the diverse landscape of the surrounding Adirondack region. The four distinct seasons of the Northeast allow her to paint the same scene four times if she so desires. Her love of flowers led to the current collection, and Natalie doubts she would ever stop painting flowers.  She finds inner peace while painting and loves the response she receives from her viewers. She is grateful for the endless support of her husband and daughter.

“My hearing loss heightened my remaining senses, leading me to see and appreciate nature's colors like I had not before. I hope that I will be able to paint for the rest of my life. But, since you never know what lies ahead, I cherish every painting moment as if it were my last. Now that I am residing in Cave Creek, AZ I have a whole new landscape to explore.”