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Francine L. Kavanaugh

My life has always had art in it. When I was growing up my mother did both watercolor painting and decoupage. She gave me a rich appreciation of the beauty in all things. As a young adult, I worked in macrame, decoupage, oil painting, clay and jewelry. However, no matter what I explored, I repeatedly came back to some type of fiber or metal artwork.

I have always been drawn to Native American traditions. Native American art forms are inseparable from their spiritual belief systems and their love of the land. In exploring one, I deepened my understanding of the other. This eventually led me to classes in Navajo weaving in Tempe, Arizona, and eventually to attending classes by Jenny Stick and Emily Malone on the Navajo reservation.

Although the more fragile forms of metal in jewelry making was my first introduction to the world of metal, a whole new challenge resented itself. At the age of 70, I picked up a blowtorch and began to learn the process of creating beauty out of steel. I was fascinated by how fire can make a hard element pliable, reshape it, and allow a new form to emerge. In the creation of my bronze animals, I strive to capture a feeling or attitude that enlivens and honors these creatures on the earth.

I am inspired by the American teachings, the land I live on, and all the creatures that live alongside us humans. I believe my artwork is a reflection of myself, my beliefs, and the mysteries that surround us.

My work has been sold to private individuals in Arizona, Washington, Alaska and Canada and has also been shown in the following places:
Sonoran Arts League - Hidden In The Hills - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020
Sonora Arts League - Small Works Art Show 2017 & 2018
Shemer Arizona Arts Festival - November 4-5, 2017
The Gallery at el Pedregal - March through June, 2017
Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum -38th Annual Contemporary Crafts (Spring 2017)
Sonoran Art League-Small Works Art Show (2016)
Sunday at Shemer Family Arts Festival (2016)
Scottsdale Art Center-Eleven Miles of Color (2016)
Northwest Handmade (Idaho - 2015)
Mesa Art Festival - Telarana Fiber Art Guild (2015)
Yargo Art Work (Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ) Closed