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Jeanne Bonine

Romantic Realist, Jeanne Bonine, is internationally known for her rich and lush floral paintings. Her larger than life over sized watercolors and oils draw you into the essence of her subjects from exotic birds and garden wonders to the majesty of a single rose.
Over her 50 year span of creating, Jeanne has earned the integrity that comes with that of a successful and seasoned artist. Her award winning paintings are executed masterfully, with light and movement being an integral element of her work. The detail of her subjects along with her fluid approach to backgrounds, create a magical combination that speaks of passion, strength, and softness while capturing the romance of timeless beauty.
Arizona has exhibited Bonine's paintings at the West Valley Art Museum, The Phippen Western Art Museum and the Desert Caballeros Western Museum who recently showcased her work in the 2020 "FLOWER POWER EXHIBIT". Yearly exhibits are at the Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale and Hidden in the Hills Studio tour.
Her studio gallery in North Scottsdale is open by appointment and for exclusive showings. Should you have the opportunity to visit, she may be moved to read her prose published in her coffee table book, "Inspirations of Timeless Beauty". This beautiful book features her paintings, prose and inspirational life's journey.