gourd Goodyear, AZ.
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Frank Williams

I'm a Chicago native and began my art experiences while attending Lake View High School, one of only two schools in the city who's curriculum offered art as a major. My early focus was primarily color pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal. Years later, upon relocating to AZ, I attended a Heard Museum exhibit that included traditional Native American gourd masks which inspired me to embark on this (new to me) medium. My immediate vision was to express a more contemporary version of masks, using both traditional and modern techniques and materials. I have continually striven to find unique ways to broaden my repertoire using a mixed media approach which incorporates welded metal, wood, stone and gourds to create cairns and outdoor art sculptures. My work has been recognized and awarded by the Arizona Art Alliance and the West Valley Arts Council, is displayed internationally and nationally and I have work chosen to be part of the City of Surprise permanent art collection.