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KimmBerly Ioane

KimmBerly Ioane is a fun-loving artist whose creations are hand thrown and Raku fired.
Her work contrasts bright colors with deep bronzes and light white crackle glazes. The shapes range from large upright vessels to wide-mouthed vases, to mixed-media wall pieces, and free-­form sculptures. She combines multiple processes of drawing, painting, stamping, hand-throwing, slab making, and firing to produce the result. Each piece is shaped to create an original personality and depth.

KimmBerly's signature theme includes female faces that exhibit the full gambit of human emotion. Her hope is they tap into some reciprocal emotion of the person viewing her work.

She is inspired to create art with a message and includes that message in her designs. Characteristically it is a reminder to take care of oneself, encourage the freedom to love, be loved, and take pleasure in life with all of earth's creatures.

KimmBerly also enjoys demonstrating the ancient Japanese Raku firing method. Which, in basic terms, involves firing clay and glaze to its molten state of roughly 1800°F. The piece is then placed into a hole or barrel full of leaves, sawdust or paper and allowed to burn for a few seconds before being covered. As the fire is asphyxiated, the trapped smoke is drawn into the surfaces forming the unique black clay body, spectacular colors, and decorative surfaces of Raku.

Her studio is located at the western base of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and is open to all art lovers and tour groups by appointment only.