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Karen Johnson

Karen Delsart Johnson originally from Minnesota has always been interested in creating art.
She attended The Atelier LeSueur in Wayzata, MN, a studio school of art in the tradition of the Masters. There she worked on figure drawing, still life and plein air painting. ?I learned so much more working with Michael Coyle and Steven Levin who taught by master-pupil relationship in a small group than previous schooling had ever taught.?

Oil painting, cartooning and beadwork are what I enjoy most. The beadwork started with an interest in Native American beadwork. I collected so many different glass beads I decided to start ?painting? with beads. Beads don?t translate like paint. They are all sewn on a few at a time, so until there?s at least 3 square inches completed you don?t know if it?s going to be correct to or not. Most often there is a lot of ripping and re-sewing. It?s definitely a very timely process. I also weave beaded hatbands for Watson?s Hat Shop in Cave Creek.