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Lewis Green



As a child, my teacher happened top be my grandpa. The war was ending, my dad was engaged in that war and my mom was working for the war effort. Grandpa let me discover lots of ?things?, he encouraged me to explore everything natural. We painted, made objects and smaller items like wooden knives, a bow and some arrows. I decorated a shield and a spear. It seemed that he liked everything that I made and decorated for him. He didn?t put limits on what I was exploring.

When in grade school, I remember a Japanese exchange artist that worked with our class. He encouraged me to explore color and shapes. During junior high again, we had another Japanese exchange art teacher. We worked with shapes in clay and firing glazes. That was a good experience also. He focused on bold colors, which of course were my favorites. I did show him some of the paints made with my grandpa. While in high school I took classes in architectural drawing and perspective. In the shop and industrial education department I learned wood and metal working. I did excel and it was a plus added into my artist drawer.

Attending the University of Washington did give me chances to enroll in mostly art appreciation survey classes, so I did explore several areas from graphic design, more architectural design, music and designing puppets and puppetry. I graduated with a BS in Biology in Pre Med, BA in Education, a good basis in the arts and a pair of Armor 2nd Lieutenant bars. Then I was sent to Southeast Asia with its jungles, peoples and war. After all of that experience, I started teaching. Retired after about 30 years and then created a design-build custom home building company. I developed more physical and life experiences.

All this has given me a rich basis for my abstract art. I use bold colors with varied shapes and architectural features. My native culture is represented in many aspects and is often featured in my paintings. It is my hope that the observer is taken into this art and travels through it with some appreciation of what I have to offer.