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Chuck Manak

When I was young, I was fascinated by artists and their art. I was fortunate to have parents, teachers and mentors who tolerated, allowed and encouraged (in that order) creative expression. I thought my path was firmly set toward becoming an artist, until a fork in the trail took me in another direction. I became a different person. I developed different priorities, which kept me from even realizing that the joy of creating had vanished from my life - for two decades.
Then, I received a gift of brushes and paints, along with the loving words of encouragement, "You need to start doing this again." As usual, she was right and I am grateful.
While my training is limited, I enjoy painting with, and learning from others. I am also a frequent visitor to the land of trial and error. I am a subscriber to DaVinci's "Recipe for Immortality," in which he basically said our immortality comes from what we do in our idle time.