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Johanna Dozer

My name is Johanna Dozer. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ. In fifth grade I decided to never take another art class, only to discover photography my junior year of high school. Not looking for an Art education, I turned to photo journalism in college. But by my second year in college I knew I wanted to focus on art instead of journalism. I transferred to the University of of Arizona to study art and photography.

Since graduating with a bachelor of art, I have worked in multiple mediums including paper, fiber, photography and glass. I received an emerging artist grant in the late 1990’s from the state of Connecticut and have taken workshops at places such as Haystack, Corning Glass, Seattle and St. Louis. Learning different approaches from glass artists Karen Willenbrink, Martin Janecky, Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz.

Currently blown glass is my medium of choice, combining techniques I have learned through workshops, colleagues and friends. I have participated in Hidden in the Hills, Loveland Sculpture in the Park and Art Festivals around Arizona. Portions of my work can also be seen at the Ian Russell Gallery in Prescott, AZ.