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Joanne creates artistic images that bring brightness, joy and fun into the world. She enjoys experimenting with color, textures and paint. She wants to surprise the viewer and take them on a visual journey.

To begin, she draws out the image. From there, she decides on the main color of the object based on where it takes her imagination. She uses acrylic paint, ink and water within each section of the drawing. It is a pouring technique that she has developed over many years, and has mastered. The water goes down first then ink and acrylic are added. With a paint brush she guides the paint to where she wants it to go. She picks up the canvas and tilts it in many directions until she is satisfied with the direction and she lays in down horizontally too dry. Each section is done this way. Lastly she paints the focal point and the background.

Presently, she is painting animals, landscapes and tarot cards. When she stated painting she was creating flowers and images of the ocean because she was living in New Zealand. Since she had been living in the Arizona desert for so long, moving to New Zealand changed her perspective and added a whole new color spectrum to her life. Now while working on tarot cards she is learning about symbolism and the meaning of different subjects and objects. Because of the tarot cards she is combining all that she has learned as a professional artist through the years.