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Jewelry by waynette
Waynette Bernt

Waynette has had a lifelong affinity for the arts as evident during a visit to her home. She has an assembly of prints and original paintings and unique glass pieces displayed. ( including Dennis Kleiden ) Three years ago she enrolled in beginning stain glass classes. Continuing her stain glass education she has taken many advanced stain glass classes creating unique abstract stain glass tapestries and sculptures. She fines inspiration in the organic nature of stain glass. Combining natural formation agates cuts, geodes and fossils for accenting. The stain glass talks to her and then she creates an abstract stain glass sculpture that tells a story in 2-D, 3-D 4-D layers of stain glass. Just for fun she creates unique semi-precious stone jewelry.

Shows and Exhibits

Surprise, AZ
1) WHAM art gallery 2019 won the contest for a page in the juried WHAM 2020 calendar. ( March )
2) Juried WHAM art gallery Nov.--Dec. 2019 3-D showing, During Dennis Klieden Event.
3) WHAM art gallery Feb. 2020 Love Together showing
Sonoran Arts League
Cave Creek, AZ
4) Juried May 19,2019 Emerging Artist Show.
5) Juried Dec. 2019 Holiday Fine art show
6) Juried Jan. 2020 New Member Pop up show

7) Other Event-----Sept.-Nov. 2019 Juried AZ
State Fine Arts

Up coming Events

8) Juried Rockbrook Village Fine Art Fair Omaha, Nebr. Sept. 12-13, 2020
9) Juried HITH 2020 Artist Studio Tour Nov. 20-22 and Nov. 27-29, 2020