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Inconsistently Inconsistent
Barbi Niblick

As an artist, Barbi’s goal is to capture the sense of tranquility in the midst of chaos, and interpret the beauty yet left in this entropic world.

Her journey in art began as an exploration of self in an effort to translate feelings that she could not communicate in words. It was a tumultuous, often dark time in her life and her work was dominated with deep reds, black, and heavy, rough texture. As her journey into self-realization continued, mindfulness and positivity became a focus for her. This became evident in her work as it evolved out of deeply emotional hues and moved into a place dripping with bright and vibrant color. Though her love for texture never waned, the way she used it shifted and became less aggressive.

As she fell further in love with painting, she decided that she could no longer limit her learning to experimentation, and hired a tutor to teach her the fundamentals of color theory and composition. During her first year of lessons, she grasped new concepts quickly which allowed for an explosion of growth in her work. As she began to learn the language of art, she became more confident in speaking it as well.

Over time Barbi’s goals have changed, and her work has matured from that experimental phase of trying to make a pretty picture, to a solid foundation that allowed her to use her art to translate the world around her. Barbi has produced multiple series that illustrate the efforts to explore her purpose. She always knew she wanted to create beauty, but it became important to her to create meaning as well.

It wasn't until she was confident enough to speak her authentic feelings about the work she created, that she was able to truly understand what she was creating and why. By allowing her thoughts to flow freely and expand outside of conventional, constructive thought governed by fear of criticism, she connected with her own work in a way she never had before.

With renewed sense of purpose, Barbi now endeavors to create her work in a way that is reflective of the human condition and of her vision of the contemporary world.