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Nancy Palmisano Fine Art
Nancy Palmisano

Nancy Palmisano paints in oils and transparent watercolors. Nature is her inspiration with florals as her focus.

Loving everything relating to art, Nancy always wanted to be an artist but it wasn't in the cards in her younger years. Yet little did she realize that when her family moved to Arizona in 1998, it would set her on a path to become what was always in her heart. After finding the outdoor art fairs, she soon began working for an artist at her studio shows; and then also started working for the art fairs. She thought, surrounding herself with fine art and artists year after year would satisfy her art cravings. Having never taken a painting class before, she jumped at the opportunity in 2017 to take classes in oil painting and transparent watercolor. It was during these classes that her true passion to be an artist was reignited. Browsing online one day, Nancy saw a quote by C.S. Lewis: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." That made her stop to think... 'Maybe the time is now to focus on art and become the artist I've always wanted to be'. With a few classes under her wing and with many self-educated skills she had acquired, she accepted the challenge and joined the SAL in September 2019. Along with encouragement from her family and friends, she has been painting consistently to discover herself and develop a style using her God given talents. She firmly believes she will always be learning and growing as an artist and looks forward to seeing what the years ahead have in store for her.