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Martin Halvorson
Martin Halvorson
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Natural elements, in their most basic form, are changed and molded by the movement of fire and water through time. In this way, as a sculptor I summon the elements of the earth into my work to create reflections of ancient cultures in our future.
I have always been drawn to the materials of nature, found in the history of ancient civilizations as artifacts. These items survive the human condition to come forward to tell the story of their creation. For this reason, I draw my inspiration from ancient civilizations of Africa, Asia, Mayan, Aztec, and Native American.
My personal challenge is to push the boundaries on the materials I work with; glass, metal and ceramics. Using the equipment I build, the tools I make, the molds I cast, and the kilns and furnaces I assemble, I am able to create uniquely diverse shapes, textures, color, and styles of sculpture for our modern environments.
Martin is well known for his sculptural work in glass, ceramics, metal, and bronze. His background and education in fabrication provides him with the skill set to build his own equipment including; tools, kilns, furnaces, and molds. One of his many unusual glass working processes is Dichroic Glass. He describes it as, "A thin film of metallics applied in a vacuum chamber process electro flashed onto glass. This blocks and reflects light rays at various angles. The technique was developed at NASA as an Aerospace technology for the space program. Thus, it is a very expensive and desirable process." This is only one example of how Halvorson prides himself on continually pushing the envelope on form, technique, material abilities and combinations. As a result, his work has a uniquely, diversified, contemporary yet ancient feel.