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Sandy Tracey
Phone: 480-220-1356

As a resident of Phoenix, AZ, I paint bold, contemporary interpretations of the Sonoran desert, vintage cars and objects surrounding me. My work always has an impact on the viewer, whether I work in Acrylic, Watercolor or Marquetry (wood inlay).

I have been painting & drawing ever since I was a small child. My mother would give me crayons & a coloring book when I was still in the crib. One day while getting the house cleaned up for a dinner party, I was left alone, while mom could clean the house. Well, to her horror, when she came back to the bedroom, i had ?drawn? on the crib, on the wall space, as far as I could reach! With no time to clean it up before the guests arrived, she did the next best thing?she brought everyone in to show off ?what her little artist had created?. With my first mural I was off to a running start! Since then, art has been my passion!

Graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Hung in many venues in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, South Carolina, Washington DC, and purchased by art collectors around the world including England, France, Italy & all over the US.

Different Series:
Cactus of a Different Color Series ? her bold colorful interpretation of saguaro and prickly pear cactus
Route 66 Series ? vintage cars with places/things found along Route 66.
Painting a Day Blog ? daily paintings done each day for over 365 days
Organic Abstracts - abstracts with a base in nature