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Carol McDonald Fine Art
Carol McDonald

Left brained, analytical business woman turned abstract artist? Who knew?

Carol Peltzer McDonald has been an appreciator and collector of art for many years but never thought for a minute that there was an expressive energy of her own waiting to emerge. As her career began to wind down and she begin thinking of retirement, her very wise husband gave her the ultimate Christmas gift of an easel, paint and canvas, and encouraging words for her to tap into that creative gift she never had time to explore.

Once she started, she never stopped.

Her desire to learn and grow as an artist is ongoing, exploring various mediums, styles and techniques with a multitude of talented artists and classes to guide her way. Every day is truly a new adventure! Each new blank canvas is a mystery waiting to be explored. Her only regret is that she didn't begin much sooner. Carol is open and willing to let this path unwind as it should and to enjoy every minute of it.