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mixed media
Allan Llewellyn
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RBS (Rolling Ball Sculpture) is a form of kinetic art that contains moving pieces, specifically one or more rolling balls. My first RBS was created for my grandson Nolan's 2nd birthday. He loves "balls", so I made a simple desktop RBS for him out of 8-gauge copper wire that uses regular marbles. He loved it, and I had lots of fun creating it. I was hooked.

I currently work with copper, wood, and glass marbles in an industrial style. Leaving the copper alone, initially it starts out all shiny and bright and then over time morphs into a lovely brown patina. Using weathered tree roots mounted upside down for a base, the old wood will determine the flow of the sculpture. It gives up anchor points for the track, places to roll over and around, ultimately directing the flow of the track from top to bottom. Using a motorized helical screw to lift marbles to the top and then letting gravity do the rest, the sound of marbles running along the track is hypnotic. Always changing and moving along the path, the marbles will create wonderful sights and sounds. I also like to work with multiple marbles sizes and create a fun way for the marbles to "play together" on a single sculpture. They are a joy to create and watch.

I also make smaller desktop sculptures for art you can play with.