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Born in Des Plains Illinois in 1970 she moved to Arizona at the age of 2 and has lived in Maricopa since 2014. Although she?s always considered herself a creative and artsy person, she had no real desire to pursue art as a hobby or profession. That all changed in 1989 after suffering a serious car accident in which she had some convalescent time to occupy.

she owned a horse and wanted to try drawing him, so she acquired some pencils and started drawing? discovering that she had a degree of talent for the medium. She then began expanding her subject matter to include flowers and other items and then explored drawing people. She again lost interest in art for a time as her career as a Paramedic progressed forward until fate once again stepped in and she was diagnosed with Cancer in 2000.

She started art therapy as part of her coping method during her treatments and began to explore more artistic forms and became fascinated with abstract art. She began experimenting with oil paints and pastels creating works that included animals, people and things found in nature. This evolved into her study of oil paintings and her discovery of artists that were inspirational figures to her such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Kazimir Melevich

This was the point at which her art obsession really took off and she explored the options of doing it professionally. She began sculpting and dabbled in mixed media as well as acrylics and discovered that old school oils were her favorite medium and easiest for her to work with. She continued to discover inspirational artists such as Willem De Kooning that really had an impact on her and most recently Thomas Kinkade.

She is always looking for new ways to expand her artistic abilities and hone the skills that she has already developed and hope you enjoy her creations and expression as much as she enjoys doing them.