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Karen Peck
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Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Creative from and early age, my family saw and artistic talent in me and always encouraged me to explore art, though drawing and painting. Growing up here in the southwest, animals and nature were always available subjects. Eventually my path led me to steel sculptures, welding life size subjects. I loved the physically challenging process of manipulating a hard material and bringing movement into it. Life’s journey thrust me into exploring new artistic outlets, which brought me in contact with needle felting. All those lessons learned through drawing, painting, and sculpting melted together when I started exploring felt.
It’s understanding skeletal and muscle structures, understanding how a piece blows up in size and proportion and ultimately painting with wool. It’s very unforgiving and I love that challenge.
I believe we are created to create, each
individual, whether we know it or not is ultimately creating with every day we have. Art, legacy, family, careers and relationships are just a micron of the ways people create. Some people create havoc, myself, maybe just a second look and a smile.