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Dawn Kocsis
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Graduating from Wayne State with a BFA in Graphic Design, Dawn Kocsis has always had a passion for all types of art while growing up in Michigan. Growing up with a creative father, she was immersed in art at an early stage and was taught stained glass and blown glass by him. They took a fused glass class together and that is when she new she found her medium. She hijacked his kiln and started experimenting. Glass fusing soon became her hobby and filled an artistic void and promoted self-expression. She is self-taught and has been honing her craft since 2007.

Dawn started out making functional art like cheese plates and bowls but now is focusing on making abstract sculptures and wall art by incorporating metal with her glass so it becomes a part of the art piece. She loves how the glass reflects off of the textured metal adding another dimension to her piece.

Her abstract art pieces are made up of multiple layers of colored transparent glass that are hand cut from large sheets. Multiple layers are stacked on top of each other and then tack fused in a kiln creating amazing colors, depth, and texture.

She recently moved to Arizona and is getting new inspiration by all the colors in the desert and mountains. She is currently working on new techniques creating a new line of work with more textures and painting with glass. She loves that she is always learning something new and sometimes mistakes actually aren't really that, more like good surprises.