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Zdenka Nyburg

Zdenka was born in Plzen, Czech Republic. Her father was an artist and she began creating art as a young child. Her natural art abilities stayed with her throughout her life into adulthood.
Zdenka has lived all over the US, and has been commissioned to create larger scale statement artwork by the California Music Studios, a colorful music piano , located on HWY101 in Leucadia, California. She has completed several private commissioned murals as well as being featured in “Wake Up Screaming” art zine and Squid Ink Gallery. She is a self-taught painter mainly working with acrylics. Zdenka paints with her soul, echoing her intuition and capturing the essence of the subject as well as the imaginary, the possible as well as the forgotten.

Artist Statement –
Painting is a response to my world. It is a way to visualize a possibility, bringing to light what I feel and what I see. I always paint with meraki and nothing less. My art resonates with the vibrations of nature and my intuition. I intend on continually crating and evolving deeper as an artist, using my natural abilities as as well as my respect for the world around me.