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Aileen Frick
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Aileen Frick captures the dynamic views of city life with her collage paintings. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Having been raised in such a large metropolis, her appreciation for the buzz of the city grew tremendously.

Aileen has a unique approach to collage with her use of magazines as her palette in combination with oil paint. Aileen allows her intuition to guide her process of searching through magazines and tearing pages to create her composition. The text and imagery within the collage mysteriously reveal their true meaning at some point during the creative process. Once the collage is complete, she enhances each piece by layering with oil paint playing with the transparencies of the oils. Although her compositions are straight forward, much deeper meaning can be found from her use of collage.

As far as subject matter, Aileen is interested in human connection, focusing on the beauty in everyday moments. ?Sometimes I think the world is best viewed when on vacation. Smells are more fragrant, sounds are more soothing, and moments are more appreciated?

Her work has been featured in the American Art Collector, North Valley Magazine, and The Arizona Republic. Her most recent awards include an Award of Merit at the La Quinta Arts Festival, and an Award of Distinction at Art in The Square, and First Place in Mixed Media at the Beverly Hills Artshow. In March of 2016, Aileen was the featured artist for the City of Phoenix?s Art Detour. In June 2015, her artwork was on the cover of Sunshine Artist Magazine.