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Adriana Socol
Adriana Socol

Adriana Socol was born in Transylvania, a province of Romania. Some might think this place is fictional, but it is a real place full of legends and very old traditions which are still alive and visible in ceramic bowls, painted eggs, colorful folk costumes, leatherwork, linen and lace.
Her family has followed the tradition where the handicraft was expressed more as a necessity rather than a form of art. Nevertheless, Adriana still remembers the childhood winters in her grand-mother?s house where the tapestries and rugs where weaved on the traditional manual loom. She was fascinated by the design motives and interested in the technique and the process itself which, later on, inspired her own creations.
As a child she enjoyed drawing and painting always preferring art classes above everything else. Once communism collapsed in 1989, Adriana convinced her parents that art is her vocation and she was allowed and supported to attend Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts Highschool in Bucharest. Here she is getting in touch and discovers her passion for architecture.
Moved to France, in 2004 she graduates from Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes Paris and in 2007 from Ecolle d'Architecture Paris La Villette working as an architect for a while.
Being in Paris, Adriana develops a taste for travel as a door to learn about other cultures and other places. She starts travelling and living for short period of time in South America, Asia and all over Europe. Adriana's way of seeing and feeling the world was enriched by the character and uniqueness of each of these incredible places. Getting in touch with local art ant traditions inspired her and drove her to discover the old technique of hand-weaving which became her form of expressing her own art, creating original and distinct pieces of jewelry.
Started as a hobby while traveling around the world, her love for this fiber art became a beautiful way of leaving.