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Lost Scots Lass
Lesley Sullivan

My name is Lesley.
Two years ago I participated in a beginners level jewelry making class in Montrose, Colorado. An amazingly talented lady named Melanie Kline fueled my curiosity in metal smithing! Little did I know I had started an amazing journey and found my niche in life. Metal seems to talk to me and so my infatuation with designing and fabricating handcrafted jewelry began.

I really love that jewelry plays with our personalities. My passion is making bold, but elegant, pieces of wearable art.

I lived in the mountains of western Colorado and the everyday beauty of the San Juan Mountains inspired me. The bears that live in the mountains around me are very close to my heart. I believe, like the Zuni, that bears have power, strength and will protect and heal the person wearing them.

So the Lost Scots Lass story continues…

Just below Tonto National Forest is a tiny little town called Carefree. This is where I now call home. I am inspired and looking forward to a new journey in this new state.