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Lynda Abare

"Can you say Repujado?" (ray-poo-ha-though)

Repujado is the fine art of metal embossing or metal relief, and always crafted by hand. Through the ages, and currently in our own Southwest, Repujado is still practiced with meticulous loving care.

Lynda Abare is a Repujado artist and teacher and a juried member with the Sonoran Arts League. Her background; collegiate, corporate, and retirement, has always been focused on teaching, creative writing, and graphic design. Lynda's artist-self seeks expression with hand tools, a camera, and oftentimes a computer and printer; creating hand-bound books and journals. Her pages sprinkled with calligraphy, haiku, and photographs.

Lynda teaches locally in Cave Creek and across the country in North Carolina at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Workshops include Repujado (metal embossing), Kumihimo (weaving), mixed media, and bookbinding. More information is available on Lynda's website: www.5AcreArts.com