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Sudha Freehill

About me, an artist.

Years of education and endless creative effort where I find beauty and joy in both the process and the end product, I continue to enjoy making art. It offers me an efficacious and enduring method to communicate my feelings and ideas. Through installations, constructions, sculptures, paintings, photography and videography, I bring together an assortment of my feelings, thoughts and images. I appreciate the master artists who were my teachers.

I was born in Bangalore, India. Some of the world?s most graceful stone sculptures, including figures in the temples of Halebidu and Beluru, were available for me to enjoy as I grew up. My father introduced me to the extensive art collection in the Mysore palace museums at a very young age. Cinema was a part of life.

Living in the West with my husband, Patrick Freehill, I have the experience of being born and brought up in one culture and living in other cultures. I have explored the art of a variety of different world cultures through extensive travel and study, with input from cinema, performance arts and pop culture as well as other contemporary arts. They have enriched my life as I discover and explore many different approaches in my art making journey.

In addition, I straddle the worlds of arts and science. My work reflects who I am as a result of my close personal relationships, an amalgamation of multiple cultures and my training in art. It also reflects who I am as a product of my medical training and my experience in a life humbled and enriched by exploring and nurturing the health of my patients as their physician.

Whatever medium I am working in, I generally prefer to begin with no preconceived idea of my finished work. As I explore the materials and the technical process, I begin to envision a concept. I work until I feel I have expressed what I wish to convey. I enjoy the challenge and the process of finding a result that will express who I am. In response to my effort to find the new and generate intrigue, I invite viewers to bring their intuition and knowledge to explore my work for a richer and lasting experience.