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In the early 80s, I was immersed in my career as a lawyer. I was happy that my career was successful, but sad that I spent my days (and often, nights) in client meetings, drafting contracts, and reviewing documents. I knew that wasn't what I was meant to do in life, but like many in my position, I didn't have the courage to try something new.

I had no time at all for my "real" art - painting, collaging, and anything else involving creativity. There was never more than a few hours at a time, not enough to get any creative satisfaction from anything. In fact, it always left me wanting, never filling the void that was left in my soul when I had to stop. As the years went on, I became burnt out and disillusioned, chomping at the bit to break loose and engage is something more rewarding and fulfilling.
About ten ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to realize my dream - devoting most of my waking hours to becoming a jewelry designer and metalsmith! I started out stringing beautiful beads together, creating jewelry from purchased beads and silver. I was instantly both fascinated and frustrated - not knowing enough to do what I wanted to do, actually creating components for my jewelry, not just buying them.

I began a course of study in jewelry techniques with some of the finest instructors in the country, a course which will continue throughout my life. There will always be something either new to learn, or a new way of looking at an old technique.

Since embracing jewelry design, I have become committed to producing unique pieces that incorporate ancient artifacts, fossilized bone, semi-precious stones and other natural materials into wearable works of art.

I rarely have a pre-conceived notion of what I am going to create, I start with a unique piece of bone or an unusual cabochon and let the design take its course. I add or take away elements until I feel that it is just the right balance of form and color. When I am finished, I feel a wonderful sense of serenity and connectiveness to my work.

I hope that you will too.

Lynn Ballinger