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mixed media
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Judy Carr

In 2009 I retired from a 35 year career as an Occupational Therapist. I specialized in the treatment of severe burn injuries, a profession requiring creativity and a strict attention to detail. Skills honed over the years were transferred from the serious side of life to the humorous as I began reinventing myself.
My love of one of a kind handcrafted jewelry made lost wax casting my first area of focus. An introductory class in fused glass at Creative U, a wonderland of creativity, formerly located in Carefree, added glass to my list of mediums to explore. Most recently my work has evolved to combine both cast glass and metals in whimsical sculpture.
The faces or "masks" of my animal sculptures are carved in wax then cast in either sterling or bronze. The cast face is fitted to a body which has been sculpted in either wax or clay. The body is then kiln cast in glass to complete the piece.
The majority of my work is animal themed. A lifetime of sharing my space with animals, along with my husband and sister being veterinarians has influenced the direction of my art.
All of my creations have a common thread. They are intended to just bring a smile.