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FeAu Steel and Gold Jewelry
Kay Cummins
www.KayCummins.com www.outandaboutgirls.com

The Ferrous Mistress. The ferrous met the king. He brought her gold. But she liked iron. She loved it's strength and temperament. It's light weight and ductile quality. The rich texture of her hammer blows. But the gold, ah yes the gold. She couldn't stop touching it. It almost glowed and it looked beautiful with her red hair. That's how the story begins long ago and today I present its' modern interpretation. Enjoy. Touch. Wear.

Creating eye catching jewelry since 2008. Be one of a kind. Wear one of a kind.

All of my work is created in my studio, wether it is alloying and pouring my own gold ingots or enameling the cloisonné used in my settings, you can be confident that it started with my hands.

I have 2 distinct lines of work. My first collection called Out And About Girls is playful and colorful work, combining Found Objects with traditional metalsmithing. I am well known for my Fordite, Billiard Ball and Scrabble Tile work. I still create custom orders in this collection.

FeAu Steel and Gold Jewelry by Kay Cummins was the result of taking challenging classes, my work has moved towards an industrial and precious metal view. It's a look that is striking, edgy and sophisticated. I find the raw industrial feel of steel and the refined beauty of gold is a wonderful combination. Now I have started to add enamel to bring in a bit of color. I hope you will come along on my adventure!

At Hidden in the Hills my FeAu line will be available.