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Randy Galloway

After enjoying a long and successful career in illustration, graphic design, art direction and computer graphics, I decided to return to my first artistic love of painting and drawing. My professional art career has included oil, acrylic, watercolor, and chalk pastel paintings, as well as various drawing mediums, computer graphics and now sculpture.
I was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico and raised in Albuquerque. I attended Arizona State University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in painting. After a summer of pure freedom traveling around the country living in the back of a Pinto station wagon, I settled in Boulder, Colorado and worked as the Art Director for the Publications Department of the University of Colorado. After six years and numerous awards in graphic design and illustration, I moved back to Arizona to teach at ASU. I gradually built my own business and have watched the years fly by while creating in graphic design, illustration, fine art painting, portraiture, and printmaking.
Being one-eighth Cherokee and growing up in New Mexico surrounded by art created by Pueblo Indians, I have a deep- rooted respect for the Native American culture and I am fascinated with their ancestral beliefs and the exquisite craftsmanship and symbolic stylisation in their arts and crafts. Some of my other favorite subjects include ranch life, mountain men, wild west settlers, portraiture, landscapes and wildlife. I like to tell stories through my paintings—that’s part of the reason why I chose to focus on the West. I grew up surrounded by Western culture, it is a part of my soul.
The ideas of freedom and independence and the mix of cultures over two hundred years in the West create a never-ending resource of imagery that can tell stories to elicit every emotion possible and provide a rich palette for my unique expression of beauty.
My love of travel is a close second to my love of art, and my work is constantly influenced by the various cultures, artworks, and surroundings I experience. Travels to China, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and other parts of the United States have been perceptually rewarding and enlightening. To me, life is a visual feast. I see new colors, textures and light effects every day that I wish I could share in a painting. I regret that life is too short to produce all the magnificent images that are in my mind’s eye.