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Lori Greenberg

Lori Greenberg is a multi-media artist, who continually strives to defy the ordinary in her designs, techniques and approach to creating in general.

Lori's education and experience combine her analytic problem-solving skills with an organic, flowing style of design. The resulting pieces are juxtapositions of structured and free-form organic elements that exist together seamlessly.

Lori's work and method are not about perfection but about process and expression. While all pieces are durable, technically sound and visually appealing, perfection is lost in the organic forms and freeform construction.

Viewers have noted feeling strangely drawn to Lori's jewelry as if they have personalities that call out to them. Others have said that when they wear one of her pieces that they can't stop looking at it or fondling it. They are being drawn to the soul of the work; the joy in the process.

In her studio in the foothills of Cave Creek, Arizona, Lori creates unique sterling silver jewelry and intricate hand-embroidered tapestries. It is her greatest wish that her pieces speak to you, as they do to her.