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Byur Gullwing

Personal portrait sculpture is my specialty. I create exact sculptural images of faces, torsos, and hands by means of lifecasting, the technique of building a negative mold of the person, then using various materials to create the finished product. I love the human form in all its beauty, variety, and complexity. The human body is a subject that never ceases to delight and intrigue the artist. My finished pieces can be of a wide variety of materials, from plaster, fiberglass reinforced gypsum, aluminum, or bronze. Some pieces are made from cold-cast (metal powders mixed with epoxy) copper, brass, bronze, or nickel-steel. I also work in cast iron, transparent plastic, ceramic, and I have completed two glass torso projects.

Twenty some odd years ago, on a long weekend in Sedona, my wife and I were touring the galleries, when I said to her: "These bronzes are beautiful, but I think I could do as well as at least half of these artists." Her reply was: "Go for it!!"

At my studio in Scottsdale, I do sculpture portraits on commission, but will also produce commissioned figure studies of hired models on request. I have a number of gallery sculptures available in stock, as well as molds to make pieces on a custom order basis, in a wide variety of materials and finishes.
Prices of my completed works depend on size, material, surface finish, and attitude of the customer. They range from about $25 up to $13,000.

My website is www.LifecastAZ.com or www.Lyfcast.com Please call 602-616-0655 for an appointment to visit my North Scottsdale studio and see samples of my work.
Recent Exhibits include:
Scottsdale Community College 2012 Student Art Exhibit (Juried)
Vortex Magazine 2013 (Juried)
Shemer Art Gallery Figurative Art 2013 (Juried)
Sonoran Arts League Hidden in the Hills 2013
Foothills Library Exhibit, Cave Creek, 2014 (Juried)
Alwun House Exotic Art Show 2014 (Juried)
The Gallery at el Pedregal (Presently exhibiting)
In 2015, I was chosen as the Sonoran Arts League "Artist of the Year" for my work, Puzzle Me.