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mixed media
Monkey Girl Art Work
Betsy Halford
Phone: 678-644-0954

I am a self-taught, mixed media, assemblage artist. My art incorporates found and repurposed materials making each piece unique. In addition to the found materials I use in my art, I will include oils, acrylics and/or wax.

Inspiration for my work comes from life. Many of my pieces are inspired by personal experiences, dreams and/or meditations, memories both real and imagined, as well as reactions to societal or global issues.

I have been collecting the materials for my art all of my life. I started collecting "treasures" as a small child growing up in South Carolina where I was influenced by my parents who were also passionate collectors of "treasures." I have continued to gather treasures everywhere I go - from back roads to city streets. I am always on the look out for items that others have "disposed of," with the intent of transforming them into something wonderful and meaningful.

I moved to Scottsdale, AZ from Atlanta, GA in 2013 with my husband, Mark and our two cats, Priscilla and Eva, and our dog, Laila.