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Beth Hyatt

"HIDDEN IN THE HILLS 2014" Beth will be at Studio 10.

Since moving in 2002 to her current residence in Arizona. Beth has been reapplying herself to art and expanding the skills from her drawing foundation. Her portraits have led to winning awards, featured articles, interviews, as well as achieving a Juried artist status. She was the cover artist in 2010 for the "Hidden in the Hills" Studio Tour Directory. Beth has also been featured in advertisements for the "Arizona Fine Art Expo". She has a full-page article in the up coming "Jetset magazine".

Beth has enjoyed watching her talents and passions converge into her multi-dimensional artistic career. Always carrying her camera with her wherever she goes, she continually seeks to capture the silent, universal language that surrounds her. From her simple affection for animals to her detailed observation of life, action, reaction, and environment, Beth has developed a mastery of reflecting expression. It's often been said that she conveys as much emotion in her animal portraits as she does in human faces.

She will be in the "Arizona Fine Art Expo" on Jomax & Scottsdale Rd. from January 16, 2015 through March 29, 2015. Her studio "Beth's Image Studio," is open by appointment only. Please call in advance, as she would be delighted to discuss the process and stories of her art.