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Blue Amazon Ranch & Studio
Micky Jansen

Born in the Netherlands,she expressed herself in Art at a very young age and attended the Royal academy of Art in The Hague in the sixties .
Micky lived in the South of France for a few years before moving to Arizona in 1979

She has studied and painted with artist in
Europe and the U.S.
Micky has shown her work internationally
Her paintings can be found in private collections
throughout Europe and the USA .

Her work has been strongly influenced by Franz Marc,Paul Klee,Kandinsky ,Picasso,here passion for horses and the natural world.

In much of Jansen's work the feminine human body is central,yet skillfully intertwined with nature and the synergy of the Universe.

The Aura of her work may have been born during Micky's "Rebirth " on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona where's he lived for two years in almost total isolation with her beloved horses and dogs.
A two year meditation,she says.

In this natural paradise with its natural challenges,
Micky transitioned from her life as a full time wife and mother of four into a independent, self assured Artist she is today.

The energy and emotions of the different in her life can be felt through her Art.
The underlying theme of her art is Clear!
It is a celebration of the beauty of life and living, of the interconnectedness of it all.

She has found her home and studio
"Blue Amazon Studio " in the Rio Verde Foothills and has her studio open by appointment