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D. Law Jewelry Designs
Donna Law

I specialize in creating custom-made fine jewelry. Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind…insuring they have their own identity and Spirit, just like the person who wears them.
I usually begin by focusing my attention on the gemstone for which I want to design. As I begin to resonate with it… I listen…I get in touch with what I feel and how I think the stones want to be expressed…either in a ring, pendant, earrings, etc.

I try to get inside the mind of the person who will eventually wear my jewelry and get a sense of how they will relate to it. I get my inspiration from all different sources: art, nature, architecture, etc.

Creating A Custom Piece
When I am creating a Custom piece….. I listen to my customers and together we outline a concept for the design and I then draw sketches. I think of myself as sort of a chameleon in a sense. As I begin to connect with them on a more personal level I get a sense for what they are trying to express about themselves and wish to validate.