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mixed media
Les & Jaye Lawrence Studio
Jaye Lawrence

BA Art University Arizona
MFA Sculpture Arizona State University

I was educated in weaving and fiber constructions and began to work in sculpture forms using big rope. The forms were constructed with 4? diameter rope we found in a yard sale in Tacoma, Washington. It weighed well over 1000 pounds and was all our van could haul. They were large crocheted forms. I had years before had to teach myself to crochet because I am left handed and all of the people I knew who could teach that process were right handed. People used to ask me why do they have to be so big?? It has to be so big because that?s the size it is?
Years later I began to pick up sticks and twigs to form into my sculpture. I was influenced by Southern Folk Artist who had no perception about material or technique. I wire the pieces together and paint them with acrylic paint. I have added fired clay to the sticks and wire to create figures some small and some large.