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Karen Ledin

In 2001, my Mother came to stay with me as she did every winter and announced that I needed a hobby. It was fun humoring her since we went through all types of hobbies, including, candle making, beading, soaps, bath salts, etc. Unfortunately, nothing really stuck or interested me.

Then, like a flash, inspiration hit me while one day walking through a department store with my Mother. I saw IT! I saw a small mosaic table that I really liked. However, I felt the piece was way too expensive and was unwilling to expend my hard earned cash. After, mulling over my decision and analyzing the piece, I decided ?I can do that!? So, my new ?hobby? was born. I started doing mosaic art pieces and I found that working with mosaics felt very natural. I also realized that this ?hobby? could begin the process of nourishing and expanding my creative soul.

I previously thought that my creative abilities were like an empty field, but when these creative seeds were planted, my soul started to bloom. From this point, I started a journey of self-discovery and found characteristics within me which I didn?t know existed. The turning point came when I had laid out what seemed to be a random pattern of tiles on a piece of wood, only to have my husband, who was a skilled and professional artist, move some of the tiles. I was surprised that my reaction was fierce and immediate, since I got very upset with him for changing my design. From that point on, I realized something had changed. I began blossoming as an artist in my own right.
Gradually, I moved from using purchased tile pieces for projects to designing and creating my own individual mosaic tile pieces to then experimenting with glass. During each phase of transition, I found I learned and liked each step of my artistic journey.

I find glass, versus tile, is easier to work with for my artistic vision. My completed glass art pieces are lighter weight, which I found was even more appealing to my growing customer base. Their enthusiasm and mine for my growing artistic craft, gave my finished pieces more flexibility. While working with the glass for the mosaics, I came across the use of fused glass and was mesmerized. Currently, I am loving my projects using fusible glass and the creativity they inspire from deep within myself. This love of my craft inspired me to take advanced classes and buy several kilns, which is how I became the passionate glass artist I am today.

Until this point, I had never known what it felt like to have a real passion for an artistic craft. To say I love working with the glass would be an understatement. Opening the kiln to a new piece is like unwrapping a new present every time. It is exciting to see what I created in my mind and initial design, transform into one beautiful piece of artwork.
I find now that I get my inspiration from every aspect of life. Since I have started working with fused glass, nothing I look at is out of bounds. Someone may step on an elevator and I notice the pattern on their shirt or I could walk into a room and notice the pattern in the carpet. Everywhere I look, I find something to inspire me. My inspiration also comes as I lay down and let my mind drift just before falling asleep, when all the problems of the day fade away and my mind can be creative and free.

As I continue to progress with my work, two things always come to my mind ? art and function. I want everything I do to be beautiful enough to display but also sturdy enough to be functional. I want the customer to smile when they buy it and still be smiling when they look at it ten years later. I like to make things a bit more edgy, fun and contemporary, making what I do very unique.