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Margot Levin

As the responsibilities of Motherhood began to phase down Margot realized she needed to reinvent herself.
Entering Columbus College of Art and Design at the age of 45 was a total blast. Watching how the kids dealt with her presence, and how she dealt with body piercing and tattoos of every kind was an education in itself. Every day was an adventure. She jumped out of bed in the morning, arriving at school as the sun rose, to experience everything from: welding with acetylene torches, donning an asbestos suit in preparation to pour huge vats of molten bronze, silver smithing and sculpting stone, to studio drawing of nudes.
When painting her focus is so intense that She feel like she has entered a space void of time. It challenges her with every stroke of her brush and she never see an end to her learning. Nothing makes Margot happier than Plein Aire Painting. In those moments she is lost in a communion with nature.