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Nancy A Michaelson

A resident of Carefree, Arizona, Nancy Michaelson has always wanted to create. "Even as a child I would ask my dad to stop the car so that we could just look at something; such as a beautiful sunset and the mountains as they reflected it, or a pattern of the movement of a brook over rocks", she recalls.

Michaelson works by creating real places and people, but enhances the colors and texture, she notes, "My paining only begins with realism". In regards to her technique, Michaelson begins a painting most often with Q-tips. I sometimes even do most of my painting with Q-tips. This seems to give a spontaneity to the work" says Michaelson who paints outdoors whenever she can.

"I also paint in my studio. Especially if I've seen a plum that is incredibly beautiful or if I am enthralled by the whiskers on a garlic or if I see a piece of cloth that would resonate against the color of another object", explains Michaelson. "Sometimes I get so caught up in my painting that I have Q-tips all over the floor".

Michaelson has exhibited in local, national and international competitions and has earned numerous awards and accolades. She has also appeared in several magazines.